Required Orchestra supplies

If you need any financial assistance at all to acquire these materials, do not hesitate to reach out to Me. I will never let a financial situation keep a kid from being a part of our program. I will do whatever it takes to make sure your child has what they need to be a part of this great experience!


- Mr. Zilisch-

  • Instrument

    • Please see the Instrument Rental page for more information about acquiring instruments​.


  • 6th grade- Essential Elements book 1 (Orange Book)

  • 7th and 8th Grade-Essential Technique (Green Book, also known as book 3)​

  • Three Ringed Binder

    • (One binder will be provided by Mr. Z in 6th grade)


  • Pencil

  • Shoulder Rest

    • For Violin and Viola Players only. This is necessary to prevent injury to the neck, back and shoulders.​


  • Rosin

    • Violin, Viola and Cellos use the same rosin

    • Basses use a different type of rosin. I prefer the Bass 'Pops' Rosin

  • Folding music stand

    • for home practice


  • Soft cloth

    • (to wipe rosin dust off instrument)


  • Spare Strings are recommended 

    • (D’ Addario Pro Arte’ recommended)

Required Books
6th Grade
7th/8th Grade
Shoulder Rest


You can order most items online from these stores and they will ship it to the school. I would only recommend using Amazon for the essential elements books.

Miles Ahead Music

(Soon to be Music & Arts)

808 Lyndon Lane Louisville, KY 40222

(502) 479-3772

Miles Ahead was just recently purchased by "Music and Arts" so their store name will be changing. They are keeping their same great staff however!

Noteworthy Music

4012 Dupont Cir #114,Louisville KY 40207


Mel Owen Music, Inc

4210 Shelbyville Road,Louisville,KY 40207

(502) 893-6624

Lane and Edwards Violins

315 Wallace Avenue, Louisville, KY 40207

(502) 893-6624

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