Concert Attendance Policy and

Concert Dress Code


Concerts constitute up to 40% of your grade and they are one of the most fun and rewarding

experiences you will have in Orchestra. Performances at the Middle School are a culmination of

what is learned in class, just like taking a test at the end of a unit in math or science.


Concert Absences

Unexcused Absences:

  • An unexcused absence is when Mr. Zilisch does not have at least two weeks prior notice.

  • Excuses such as “I had to baby-sit,” “I could not find a ride,” “I lost my white shirt” “I forgot,” etc. will not be tolerated.

  • Points lost due to an unexcused absence cannot be made up. This loss in points will result in a significant reduction in a student’s grade. It will count as an unexcused absence if you do not stay for the duration of the Orchestra and band concert. Remember it is important that we support each other!

  • Please plan ahead to stay for the entire concert.

Excused Absences:

  • Excused absences occur when there is an illness, death in the immediate family, or emergency situation.

  • In those cases, please contact your Mr. Zilisch prior to the concert or as soon as possible.

  •  In the event of an excused absence, points will be made up through a “make-up” assignment or other arrangements will be made on a “case-by-case” basis.

  • It is the student’s responsibility to see the teacher for make-up work. Work must be turned in one week after the assignment is given. 

Please look over the concert dates now for any possible conflicts.

Should there be any conflicts, please let Mr. Zilisch know as least two weeks prior to the event.

Concert Dress Code

Formal Concert Wear

For Winter Concert, KMEA Performances and other Non-themed concerts


  • Black, long-sleeved dress blouse or Black, Long-sleeved oxford dress shirt (No Cleavage)

  • Black dress skirt (Below the knee)

       or black dress pants

  • Black hose, tights, or socks

  • Black dress shoes


  • Black, long-sleeved Oxford dress shirt

  • Black dress pants

  • Black dress shoes and socks

Glow Concert Wear
  • All Students will wear a glow concert T-shirt 

  • Glow Concert Shirts will be purchased through Mr. Z for $5 

  • Students can wear jeans or other pants to this concert.

Please don't wear anything with holes in them​

  • Any type of shoes are acceptable to this concert

Electrify Your Symphony Concert
  • Students will wear their best 'Rock And Roll' attire.

  • Check out this video of last year's concert to get some ideas for outfits

  • If they don't have Rock and Roll outfits, students can wear their favorite Music Groups' shirt (Nirvana, Queen etc...)

  • If they don't have any of that, they can just wear a plain black t-shirt and jeans.

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