Instrument Rental/Purchase Guide

I want everyone to know that I will do whatever is necessary for each kid to have an instrument to play in my class. I know not all families can afford to rent or purchase an instrument. Please contact me if you need any financial assistance in renting an instrument from the school.


- Mr. Zilisch-


Every year I have families that purchase instruments online because they thought they were getting a great deal. These instruments are merely Instrument Shaped Objects. 

Do not buy Colored instruments! These may seem cool, but they sound horrible and are almost impossible to keep in tune. Save your family the frustration and avoid these instruments at all costs! DO NOT GET FOOLED BY THE USER REVIEWS!

Use of School Instruments

  • Mr. Zilisch has a stock of all of the orchestra instruments. Many of them have years of use and the condition of the instruments in stock may vary. 

  • There is a fee to use the school instrument, which is $40 per academic year.

  • If you are on fee-waiver please contact me and we can arrange something.

  • In addition to the fee, all school instruments require a signed rental agreement form which is given out to the students at school and is printed on RED paper. 

  • I ask that anyone that can pay this fee, please pay it. The money goes toward our repair and supply budget for the year and helps ensure that all instruments are in good playing condition.

  • If you cannot pay this fee, please let me know. You will still have to turn in the rental form, but I am willing to be flexible with this payment option. 


  • Parents and students should understand that JCPS does not provide insurance

       coverage for damage/theft on school instruments and it is the responsibility of

       the parents and students for the full replacement value of the instrument

       should it be lost, stolen or damaged while issued to the student.

  • If a school-owned instrument needs repair, DO NOT take it and get it repaired

      somewhere. Bring the instrument to Mr. Zilisch.


Purchasing/Renting from a store

In general, students are expected to provide their own instrument for class. It is

much more beneficial to rent or buy the instrument from a store because the

repairs are usually covered in the rental fee, and your child will get a much higher

quality instrument than the ones provided by the district.


Please try to get your child his/her instrument by August 24th. DO NOT LET THE STUDENT PUT TOGETHER HIS/HER INSTRUMENT BEFORE ORCHESTRA CLASS. The students will learn how to put everything together in class.

I highly recommend RENTING an instrument before you make a purchase! Most stores have a rent-to-own program and some even have a "Cancel anytime" policy on their rentals. Most 6th graders start on a smaller sized instrument and these stores have a trade-up program for when they are ready to move up a size. When your child has put at least a year in orchestra and is showing a real commitment, then I would consider making a purchase of an instrument from a reputable dealer.



You can order most items online from these stores and they will ship it to the school. 

Miles Ahead Music

(Soon to be Music & Arts)

808 Lyndon Lane Louisville, KY 40222

(502) 479-3772

Miles Ahead was just recently purchased by "Music and Arts" so their store name will be changing. They are keeping their same great staff however!

Noteworthy Music

4012 Dupont Cir #114,Louisville KY 40207


Mel Owen Music, Inc

4210 Shelbyville Road,Louisville,KY 40207

(502) 893-6624

Lane and Edwards Violins

315 Wallace Avenue, Louisville, KY 40207

(502) 893-6624

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